Hayter Engineering planned, designed, and provided construction services for this metering and pumping facility located south of Paris. The facility is unique in that it presently operates only as a control and metering point for up to 8 mgd of raw water, but has all components included to eventually add 3 vertical turbine pumps.

The raw water is transmitted from Pat Mayse Lake to this pump station near the Lamar Power Partners 500 MW plant south of Paris, through a 36” ductile iron pipeline (also designed by Hayter).

Lamar Power Partners uses about 50 % of its ultimate allotment, and the remaining 50% gravity flow through a 30” PVC pipeline (designed by Hayter) for irrigation and livestock use.

Instrumentation is linked to both Daisy and Lamar Power Partners and it is critical that Lamar Power Partners first receive all its immediate requirements, 0 to 100% of its contract allotment, before any water is diverted to Daisy.

Blowdown water from the Lamar Power Partners plant is currently discharge to a nearby creek. Ultimately the project is planned to add 3 vertical turbine pumps to also transmit the blowdown water to Daisy.

The project included:
– the new pump station building
– pump station wet well, roof slab, foundation and floor slab
– exterior piping and fittings to connect to the influent main
– piping, fittings and valves for connection to 18” discharge pipe
– pumps, motors, flow meters, interior piping and fittings
– electrical control/instrumentation, motor control center
– telemetry system
– raw water piping modifications/ACT-PAK meter instrumentation allowing a communication link between the Daisy pump station and the power plant DCS system

Hayter Engineering provided services for a building permit, electrical engineering, geotechnical engineering, design surveys, construction staking, design plans & specifications, easements & ROW permits, construction bid & award, construction review, record drawings, and warranty review.

This project was completed in 2016.