This project was for replacement of maintenance-prone lines throughout the City, painting the north clarifier at the water treatment plant, raw water pump station control valve and piping modifications, and the construction of a new backwash lagoon. Funds from this loan were also used to replace water and wastewater lines in the City of Commerce adjacent to Texas A&M University.

Improvements included:

  • 11,357 LF of 2″, 6″ and 12″ water line;
  • 41 gate vales with box and pads;
  • 25 customer service transfers;
  • removal of 7 fire hydrants and installation of 16 new fire hydrants;
  • the north clarifier was repainted and clarifier inlet control valves were refurbished;
  • one 8″ and two 10″ control and check valves were installed at the pump station;
  • piping modifications were done at the raw water pump station along with electrical work;
  • and backwash lagoon sludge construction.This project was completed in 2016.